Commercial Property Listings

Property Listing Guidelines:


The Hooker Economic Development Board Commercial Real Estate Page serves to connect people who are interesting in buying, selling or leasing commercial property in the Hooker Oklahoma area. We will not be involved in the negotiation or sale of a property, our page is simply a place to post the availability or need for property.  

You may post on this page for free by emailing us the following information:

  • Are you interested in selling, leasing or buying

  • Property legal address or street address

  • Number of lots 

  • Contact name and phone number

  • A picture, if available

email to:


For Sale:

  • Lots 22-23, Block 23, Original Hooker

  • Street Addr: 217 & 219 E Glaydas St

  • 2 lots, each lot 25' wide by 125' long

  • Contact Name: Buddy Holbert

  • Contact Phone #: (580) 522-1221