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City Parks

Hooker has a variety of parks, including the City park that hosts a playground and swimming pool, the Homesteader Park that greets travelers on Highway 54, Memorial Park that honors our veterans, and several other parks throughout the town.

We are fortunate to have a number of local volunteers who help keep our parks clean and watered, and let us know when repairs are needed. Volunteers are vital in small communities, and we are thankful for the many outstanding citizens who make our town a great place to live.


Municipal Park              Memorial Drive

Homesteaders Park      Highway 54 West

Hershey Park                Highway 54 East

Dale Park                      Highway 54 West

Davis Park                    Glaydas & Panhandle

Boss Neff Park              West Glaydas

Memorial Park               Broadway & Johns

Risen Park                    Jefferson & Fields

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