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Sara Ogden, City Clerk

Anjanette Gibler, City Treasurer

Winter Roybal, City Superintendent

City of Hooker

PO Box 67

111 S Broadway

Hooker, OK  73945

(580) 652-2885



The City of Hooker offers gas, water, sewer, and trash services.


Water Rates:

Deposit                                        $75.00 

Connect Fee                                $25.00

New Meter                                  Price varies

Minimum monthly rate             $26.00 for up to 3k gallons

Rate  above 3,000 gal                  $1.10 per 1,000 gallons

Next 5,000 gal                               $1.20 per 1,000 gallons

Next 5,000 gal                               $1.30 per 1,000 gallons

Rate raises for each 5,000 gal         .10 per 1,000


Sewer Rates:

Residential and Commercial       $15.00

Gas Rates:

Deposit                                         $125.00

Connect Fee                                   $25.00

Minimum monthly rate                  $8.00

The cost of gas fluctuates each month. 

Garbage Rates:

Residential                                      $28.00

Commercial                                    $38.00

Out-of-City Limits-3 mile radius  $38.00

Commercial Out-of-City Limits    $48.00

These policies are subject to change as required and voted on by the City Council. The  Council shall establish rates and fees for service as necessary to operate and maintain the Hooker Public Works.  



For electric services, contact TCEC by clicking below:


For telephone, internet and cell service contact PTCI:




The City of Hooker must be contacted before any construction is started.  A building permit is needed for any new construction or addition. Please call 580-652-2885 for more information or stop by our office at 111 S. Broadway.

Cost of a building permit is $34.50. 

For information about the fees, limits and hours of the following services click on the link (name) for the service.

Land Fill

Animal Shelter

Swimming Pool

Golf Course

Municipal Court



Dumpster Prohibited Material and Disposal:

Dirt, sand, gravel, cement or manure; Masonry, masonry products, building materials, wood, shingles, lumber, floor coverings, carpet, pallets, metal, construction components, construction or remodeling debris; Machinary, equipment, appliances, furniture tires or other motor vehicle parts; Grass, shrub trimmings, trees, tree limbs, tree stumps, leaves or other yard waste; Hazardous or flammable material; Business or industrial waste; Other material of like size, density or mass, which because of its nature is likely to damage city owned equipment or injure city personnel.

Residents can schedule pickup of items that do not go into dumpsters, such as furniture or metal. Cost for the service is $20 and up depending on the amount and type of items being collected. Residents may call 580-652-2002 to schedule a special trash pickup.

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